Why I quit my job

I quit my job because I could. I acknowledge the fact that I was and am in an economic position where I could make the decision to stop doing something that was making me unhappy. I know that I am privileged in this way. Perhaps one day I will no longer be, but I decided that while I can take this liberty, I will.

I didn’t have a problem with work itself, but more in the way that it had to be done. The way that work controls your life, that for a fixed amount of time, on certain days of the week, your life is controlled by your employer. If something needs to be done by a certain date, why can’t I work on that task when I feel most productive, instead of being forced to sit at a desk for a set amount of time, when perhaps I am in no mood to work? When there’s nothing currently for me to work on, why do I still have to sit at my laptop and pretend to work (even when everyone knows there is nothing for me to do)? I want the freedom to dictate how I spend my time. So much time is wasted in offices by people just pretending to work.

I became miserable at work. The contrast between farm life and office work became too great for me to bear. Added to the fact that I knew things could be different, killed my productivity and desire to work. Sitting in this dark room while seeing the contrast between the way Artur runs his company (giving his employees the freedom to choose their amount of working hours and to work whenever and wherever they want) and my personal working conditions made me want out. The only way to become happy again was to quit.

Sometimes ex-colleagues see me and ask if I’ve found a new job. The answer is no. I don’t want to return to the same kind of lifestyle where work dictates your life. I see the way some friends are drained by their work and spend their free time in recovery for another week in the office. I don’t spend much so my living expenses are low. I have some different ideas on how to generate income to pay my bills. Perhaps they will work out, or perhaps they will not. Perhaps I’ll end up back in a 9-5 office job in the future, but while I don’t have to, I’ll savour my freedom.

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