The life and death of Pumpkin, my first chicken love

RIP my girl Pumpkin.


My favourite chicken was eaten last night, by what we now suspect was a fox. I must admit that I cried for quite a while over her death. She was my baby and I really loved her. I know that I am an easy crier, but it is also surprising to see how much I really became attached to her. I feel a bit bad wishing that Diva or Eggplant had been eaten instead, as they are not so friendly and do not enjoy so much human interaction. They are black bovans so their temperaments are different to that of an ISA brown (Chickpea and Pumpkin).

Pumpkin was a trouble maker, but that’s what I really liked about her. She loved exploring and escaped a few times out of the garden to walk around the village. On Friday morning, shortly after letting the chickens out of the house, I went to check on them and noticed Pumpkin missing. We found her walking in a dried out creek next to our farm and when she spotted us, she just walked casually back towards us. That will be my cutest and fondest memory of her. A few times she walked up the stairs and into the house. She loved people and would follow us around. She really was a curious chicken, more so than the others and that is what got her into trouble. We suspect that the other chickens had already put themselves to bed in their house and Pumpkin was still just pecking around in the garden when the fox got her.

I never knew I could get so upset over a chicken (I used to even find them creepy!), but it has happened. I do feel a bit hypocritical feeling so sad over the death of a chicken when before I used to eat them. Though I do feel good that I no longer eat meat.

We will probably get some more chickens, but I don’t know if any of them will replace the love I have for Pumpkin. I wish I could’ve watched her grow into an old hen, but sadly she lived to only about half a year. I will probably be now doubly affectionate and attached towards Chickpea (my second favourite and was a strong contender for first), who was Pumpkin’s best bud. I hope she copes with Pumpkin’s passing ok (chickens have been known to mourn the loss of one of their flock) and continues to affectionately peck at people.

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