Non foodie

I am not a foodie. I don’t need to try the newest restaurants. I am not one of those people that are ‘into brunch’. I don’t really like going out for breakfast, because most of the time I feel like I could have a better meal at home. Now that we have our own home grown vegetables and fresh eggs, it’s hard to enjoy the standard options you get in a cafe. The only exception would be our local cafe in Fröhden, where it is, in my opinion, better than most places I’ve been to in Berlin.

One of the most tiring things about traveling is having to go out to eat three bloody times a day. “Where should we have lunch today? Where should we have dinner?” These questions do not excite me. I’m not one of those people that travel to eat. I can’t wait to get home and just cook for myself (or have Artur cook for me – I am lucky he is extremely good).

I find it so weird, this foodie culture. When and how did it begin? I feel like so many people identify themselves as a foodie these days that it’s no longer necessary to label yourself as one. It’s sort of like all these people that say they’re coffee lovers and even write it on their CVs. Though I think maybe being into tea is now the trend. I’m not really sure.

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