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Naming and shaming ‘I Love Shoes’ in Hoi An

If you’re looking to buy shoes in Hoi An, DON’T go to ‘I Love Shoes’ (formerly ‘I Love Fashion’ and ‘Everybody’s Fashion’) at 718 Hai Ba Trung.

Just the other day, we went shopping for shoes. Went to a shop where Artur┬áhad shoes made last year and spoke to the same woman. Pointed to the same style of shoes and she gave us a price of 750k. We politely commented that she made the same shoes last year for 400. She got very rude and angry at us, started ranting about the price saying that last year is last year and now this year it is 750. Then she started bitching about us to the other woman in the store. So we walked out and went next door, where those same shoes were 400. Turns out we’re not the only ones who experienced aggressive behaviour from the staff there.

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