My New Year’s Eve Alone

I am doing absolutely nothing special for New Year’s Eve. I may even go to bed before midnight. The fireworks outside have been going on for hours already, and it is only 8pm.

While Artur decided to spend New Year’s at his friend’s work (in a castle) in Brandenburg, I chose to stay in Berlin. As we are flying to Sydney tomorrow, I wanted to stay behind so I would have time to clean the apartment, pack and just enjoy having the apartment to myself. I wouldn’t have been able to go to the castle and relax, knowing that I would have to get back to Berlin and go to the airport in the same day. I also really cherish my alone time.

Today I have: slept in, finished reading a book (Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race – very good, everyone should read it), watched a German TV series on Netflix (Weissensee) and cleaned my apartment. I haven’t consumed any alcohol. I am quite happy with my day. Though I feel slightly guilty about not going to any of the parties/gatherings I have been invited to, I know it shouldn’t matter. Everyone knows that New Year’s Eve is overrated, so why not stay home, stay sober, stay warm? I will look for a new book to read and snuggle up to my kitty while Neukölln explodes around me.


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