More mistakes made in Vietnam

After spending over a month in Hanoi, our plan for our last weeks in Vietnam was to ride down to Hoi An via the Ho Chi Minh Trail, spend a week or so there, then head down to Saigon for our flight to Warsaw. A final bike trip to nicely wrap up our year traveling.

Stupidly, we didn’t check the weather. We knew it was still rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City, but didn’t really think about the other cities. Riding into Phong Nha with our pants and shoes soaking wet, we realised we had a problem. We discovered there was flooding in Hoi An. To ride or not to ride?

Phong Nha to Khe Sanh, arguably the most beautiful and remote, as well as most difficult part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We decided to bite the bullet and attempt it, but after 50km or so riding in the rain, we made the decision to turn back and catch a bus down to Danang. Definitely the wise decision as our chain fell off right after making it to the bus pick up point. Seems like two people plus luggage going up and down a mountain is too much for an old bike to handle.

Hoi An is grey and rainy. Should have perhaps stayed in Hanoi, sold the bike there and come down by bus or plane…


Rainy Ho Chi Minh Trail 


Aftermath of flooding in Hoi An 

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