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Good bye Australia, Hello Bali

Oh how good it feels to be back in Asia. Though, am I really in Asia??

My time in Sydney was a clear example of procrastination at its finest. I had such high hopes of spending the month productively but what did I achieve? Not much. Just a lot of sleeping.

Walking through the city, I felt nothing. No love for my hometown. I was disappointed. I’ve changed too much to feel excited about the city and no longer relate to a lot of my friends.

We spent two days in Melbourne before our flight out of Australia. Traveling with just one backpack each, we weren’t equipped for the cold weather. So we spent most of our time indoors and as we’re not foodies, it wasn’t all that exciting.

Some things I wonder about Australia –

Why don’t most hotels/hostels/cafes offer free wifi?
And why are check-out times around 10am? (I think 11am is the latest Australian check-out I’ve experienced.)

Gotta love Asia and their free wifi and midday check-outs.

At 27, this is my first time to Bali. Surprising for an Australian. It never appealed to me because it was and is such a prime destination for (especially terrible) Australians. “Just avoid Kuta and it’s amazing” is what travellers had told me. So, we’ve avoided Kuta. Though we are now in Canggu and man is it packed with foreigners. Missing Hoi An a bit actually.

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