Flying cheaply during Christmas time + Welcome to winter in Poland

Surprisingly, flying back to Europe from Asia in time for Christmas wasn’t as expensive as we expected. I spent a lot of time on Skyscanner checking different routes and dates. We eventually settled on Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok with Airasia and Bangkok To Warsaw (with a transfer in Kiev) with Ukraine International Airlines. This all cost us just over $500 USD. Not too bad.

Ukraine International Airlines was pretty decent. I was surprised that the low price included 23kg luggage per person plus meals. Getting off the plane in Kiev was a shock to the body, as we had to get out in the open to catch a bus to the terminal. We also had to wait out in the freezing cold while we waited to board our flight to Warsaw, as the plane wasn’t immediately ready for us to board when we got off the bus.

The connection in Kiev was meant to be one and a half hours but due to our late landing, we pretty much got off our plane and went straight to our gate for boarding. This is perhaps why upon arriving at Warsaw, we discovered our luggage had been left in Kiev. A bit frustrating as I had forgotten to pack one of Artur’s jackets in our hand luggage. He wasn’t happy and let me know it as we commuted from the airport to his friend’s place.

We requested our luggage to be sent to Artur’s hometown and thankfully it arrived in one piece on the same day we arrived. So, it wasn’t so bad that our luggage was left behind as it meant we didn’t have to deal with bringing it with us on the bus.

As much as I love to hate it, part of me doesn’t mind winter in Poland/Germany so much. There’s a certain cosiness about being inside and having to rug up to step foot outside. The air is crisp and fresh, even though it feels icy cold on your face.

I think it’s very likely I will put on weight during my time here. Eating cheese and cakes, overcompensating for the past year. Even when we were in Hoi An the other week, a lady we knew from one of our favourite cafes said I/we had put on weight since she last saw us in June. Relatives also stated I looked rounder. Now I shall go and eat some more cake..

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