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En route to Europe

So glad we decided to splurge out on a hotel than spend the night in the airport. We slept once in Kuala Lumpur airport and while it wasn’t all that terrible, I definitely prefer a bed to a seat in the food court.

We are currently staying at the Phoenix Hotel in Bangkok. We paid $33 for a cute and cosy room plus breakfast. It also offers a free shuttle service to and from the airport. It surprises me still how cheap modern and clean places can be in Thailand. You would expect a hotel cafe to be expensive but it only cost us $7 for two tasty meals and a drink.

I actually wish a bit that we were staying longer in Thailand but alas, Christmas in Poland calls. It’s crazy to think that it has been eight months since we were last here. Back then it was 40 + degrees, now it is a manageable 29.

I was extremely sad leaving Vietnam, as it was starting to feel like home. I can see how my Vietnamese has improved a lot, the ease in speaking and gradually learning how to read and pronounce things properly. I hope to get to know some Vietnamese people in Berlin this time round.

-2 in Warsaw. A 30 or so difference in temperature will sure be a shock. Also being surrounded by white people and being in the minority again.

A year ago we were in Greece, preparing for our trip to Asia. The plan was to escape winter in Berlin and be back by summer. We ended up staying a year. We didn’t escape winter, we merely postponed it.


Sleeping in Kuala Lumpur airport 

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