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Things lost on the road

Wrapping up a year of travel, I thought I would make a list of things I have lost this year.

  • four toenails, thanks to Rinjani
  • my iPod
  • my swimming costume
  • a beanie
  • my consumption of meat
  • my Australian identity (After spending four years living outside of Sydney and a good part of this year in Vietnam, I now feel a whole lot more Vietnamese than Australian.)
  • a fear of squat toilets and peeing in nature (When we were waiting for our bus to Danang, I asked a woman where the bathroom was. She brought me to the side of the road and we peed on the grass along with three other Vietnamese women, while a bus pulled up next to us.)
  • caring about what i look like (Though this may come back upon arriving back in Europe. Right now I am too used to wearing the same thing everyday and not wearing any makeup.)
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Bad tourists: our one month trip to Sri Lanka

We spent one month in Sri Lanka and didn’t go to Sirigiya.

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Going vegetarian in Asia

About a month ago, I read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book ‘Eating Animals’. Since then, I haven’t eaten meat. (Yes, I realise one month isn’t a long time.) Sri Lanka and Indonesia are both fine if you want to avoid eating meat. Northern Vietnam is another story though.

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Just can’t seem to organise this Sri Lanka trip

Well, we are back in Ella, after spending four nights here last week already. We had just taken for granted our stop after Ella would be Kandy, without doing much research.

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Traveling Asia as an Asian girl with a white guy

Traveling with a white guy sticks out more in Asia than in Europe. (Though I was yelled at a few times and called a puttana in Bologna while I was traveling with a white male friend.) Unfortunately, it’s still a (white) man’s world, especially in Asia.

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Where we stayed for under $20: recommended budget lodgings in Asia

Here is a compiled list of our favourite budget places we stayed throughout Asia. We paid less than 20USD/night, and a majority of them under $15. (Though a lot of the time we negotiated the price/ it was low season/ we were staying a few nights.) None of these places we booked Рwe just found them while walking or motorbiking, looking for accommodation. I know you can definitely get much cheaper (and we have stayed much cheaper but then cleanliness also goes down), but we these places are the ones that stand out when I think about all the places we have stayed on this trip. They were clean, comfortable and had a nice vibe.

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First impressions of Sri Lanka

As someone who is a fan of dairy and not of curry, I was a bit worried that a trip to Sri Lanka would mean I would be hungry all the time. I’m not so adventurous when it comes to food.¬†

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I need to bitch about Air Asia and other travelers

Have I gotten bitchier or have people just gotten more annoying? I still feel my blood boiling when I think about yesterday’s flight from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo.