House Life

Alone time

Oh how I love to be alone.

Yesterday I calculated that since coming back from our winter trip in April until now, we’ve had over 60 different guests stay overnight at Datscha Fröhden. If you take that number and think that some of those people have also come to visit multiple times, you can see that we are always surrounded by people when we’re at the farm.

We are so lucky and happy to share our space with so many different people, but it takes a lot out of you. I wouldn’t change it for the world but it makes me appreciate every spare moment that I’m alone.

Artur and I often spend days apart, where I’m in Berlin and he stays in Fröhden (and occasionally the other way around). He is a country boy at heart so feels apartment living restrictive ‘like a box’, whereas I find comfort in the coziness of a smaller space.

I love the silence of being home alone. Noone can see me spend hours watching still tv shows or lame romantic comedies. Staying up past midnight sewing without having someone tell me I should go to sleep. Sleeping in without guiltily knowing someone else is already up and being productive before you’ve even gotten out of bed. Leaving my clothes in the middle of the floor because I know I’ll put them on again some time in the next few days.

Once I’ve recharged myself and had enough of the solitary life, it’s time to go back to Fröhden. I tidy up the apartment and am ready for communal living once again.

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