A meat-free house

To all our meat eating friends and guests, sorry, but no more meat consumption at Datscha Fröhden.

We came to this decision after we hosted a team event a few months ago, where a lot of meat was brought and left behind. At first I didn’t want to impose any kind of rules at our house, but after this event, I realised that turning the house into a meat-free house is not a very big ask. Most people only stay for a day or two, and surely not eating meat for this short period of time should be easy.

I see people posting photos of their meat meals on social media, whether it be a steak or burger or whatever, and I really feel disgusted now when I see it. Death on a plate, ready to be mindlessly consumed. A few years ago, I never even thought about giving up meat, but somehow it happened (meeting Artur and going to Asia) and I turned into a cat and chicken woman. I never would have predicted this. I don’t want to sound preachy, but by saying no to meat at our house, I want meat eaters to at least think about where their food is coming from and see that it’s really not necessary to eat meat every day. Even a reduction in meat consumption is a step forward.


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