2019 Newbies

Last week the chicken man visited Fröhden and we got six new chickens! Who is this chicken man? He is basically a man that drives around Brandenburg and Sachsen in a red van full of chickens. He comes once a month and you call him up the day before to make your chicken order.

We (I) decided on six chickens because I wanted to ‘replace’ my favourite chickens Pumpkin, Chickpea and Squash (all friendly isa browns).

I also wanted another Marans to see how Leila would react to another chicken of her kind (chicken social experiment). Then we decided to get two grünleger (araucana) so we will be able to get green eggs!

The chickens are settling in well so far. The newbies outnumber the oldies (6 to 2), so they haven’t been picked on very badly. Though Diva is unhappy with their presence and sometimes she clucks angrily and loudly for a long period of time because she doesn’t like having these ‘intruders’ in her house. Leila mainly keeps her distance and lets Diva be the angry old bully.

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