December 20, 2019

Over a year of unemployment

I haven’t had a job since September 2018. What have I been doing with my time instead?

  • I learnt how to sew my own clothes – and made my first item for a friend last week
  • I’ve been doing more Pilates
  • I’ve read over 40 books
  • I’ve started writing “fiction” and dabbled in poetry
  • I’ve come up with a business idea (currently working on actualising it)
  • I’ve been taking care of my mental health – working on my anxieties and insecurities – taking the time to change the things about myself that I don’t like
  • I’m cooking more
  • I drink less alcohol (no longer drinking wine after work just out of frustration)
  • I’ve had more time to work on our house and garden projects
  • I’ve also had more time to make homemade products such as dish washing soap, knitted wash cloths, toothpaste, deodorant, oat milk
  • I’ve had more time for my relationship and friendships

Basically I’m happier and healthier both physically and mentally. I know that I’m lucky to be able to just quit my job and not “work” for so long – but this is exactly why we should have universal basic income. Everyone should be given the financial security to explore their interests and have the freedom and time to work out what it is they really want to be doing. If we had UBI, I think society would be much happier, healthier and more creative. The world would be a much nicer place.

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