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February 4, 2019

Why I quit my job

I quit my job because I could. I acknowledge the fact that I was and am in an economic position where I could make the decision to stop doing something that was making me unhappy. I know that I am privileged in this way. Perhaps one day I will no longer be, but I decided […]

December 11, 2018

Baby business

I am 30 in two months. Growing up, I wanted three kids by 30. Even at 25, I thought I wanted at least one kid by 30. I am so glad this didn’t happen.

December 3, 2018

I don’t give a shit about my career

I don’t give a shit about my career. I tried it for a while, caring about having a career, but I’ve decided it’s not for me. Why are we told from such a young age that in order to be succeed at life, we should get married and build a career? First off, why do […]

November 3, 2018

Thoughts on being Asian

Some white people I know tell me I am too preoccupied with race. What they don’t understand is that it is something I have to deal with every day. When people see me, I am sure the first thing they notice is my race. It is used as the first adjective to describe me. When […]

October 23, 2018

Being female

I’m currently training for a half marathon but the weather is terrible. Too windy for Tempelhof, meaning I probably can’t jog today. I can’t run in Hasenheide because every time I have ever run in there, I’ve been catcalled by drug dealers. They make comments like ‘oh, I wish I could work out with you’. […]

September 11, 2018

Living with animals

I never had a pet growing up. Unless you count a couple of goldfish that died because my uncle overfed them while we were away on holidays.

July 22, 2018

Pre-holiday stress

Holidays, holidays, man, sometimes I really hate holidays. Well ok, I really only hate holidays when I am about to take one. I don’t know why, but the thought of going away for a few days or weeks (or months) just makes me feel stressed. Having to clean the apartment, making sure everything (the cat, […]

June 1, 2018

One month (without) plastic challenge

Artur and I have always made an effort to reduce our plastic usage – whether it be saying no to plastic bags, not buying vegetables wrapped in plastic or never buying coffee in a takeaway cup. But I decided, let’s try and make more of an effort. For the next month, we have to attempt […]

May 28, 2018

Avoiding small talk

Small talk – I really bloody hate it. Where are you from? How long have you been in Berlin? All these questions, I try and avoid asking them unless I really have to.

May 25, 2018

Driving discomfort

I used to love driving. These days, I feel like I could happily live without ever driving again. (But I will do it.)

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